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SoftTouch POS

SoftTouch Point of Sale is a powerful hospitality management program to assist you with compre-hesive solutions for your foodservice establishment.


RPOWER ensures your restaurant accounting software is always up to date by directly integrating to a selection of accounting solutions. With RPOWER, you can easily sync and streamline day to day operations such as labor, inventory, and more.

Platinum Relations Partner

Integrated Credit card payment solutions provide a better experience for you and your customers. Already have a POS? We can integrate with almost any type of Point of Sale. Our knowledgeable team is always on standby to ensure your business is accepting payments seamlessly.

Empowering Businesses Through Smarter, Faster, And Easier Solutions

Colorado Retail Solutions provides you with tools that connect every side of your business on a single platform, smoothing out business operations and winning over clients. Take any payment, any where, and from any device. The POS system operates seamlessly in-store, online, and on the go!

Do business wherever your clients are and still get the same robust functionality and support.

Benefit from:

  • Versatility: Colorado retail system works on both traditional and any Android device, ensuring maximum portability
  • No Downtime: You don’t have to worry about internet connectivity issues. The POS system starts running as soon as the connection reestablishes
  • Affordability: With the CRS retail system, you don’t need to purchase any other products
  • Strict tracking: Whether you sell a drink or membership, all purchases are secure and trackable.
  • Easier Payments: Accepts any type of payment in a blink of an eye, from in-person swipe, chip, and tap to online payments.
  • Satisfied Customers: offering the best customer experience promises satisfaction and builds customer loyalty

CRS Offers Products And Services For Every Business Type And Size

Hotel Restaurant

Customize your hotel restaurant POS systems to make your guests feel at home. The hospitality-first POS platform keeps staff in sync and serves guests where they are. With the hotel POS system:

  • Room charges are made easy
  • A fully integrated self-ordering system is made possible
  • Despite fewer staff members more tables can be covered
  • You can offer easy in-room ordering

And much more

Food And Beverages

Get the best POS system for bars at CRS that helps in handling unlimited orders in a short period. Create a buzz with a POS system for a bar that allows bartenders to browse through menus, enter orders, open tabs, and accept payments. Bar management becomes a breeze with a system that allows:

  • To create combos for top menu items to speed up ordering at the bar
  • Enter orders and process payments fast
  • Easy management of bar tabs and reduced number of transactions with pre-authorization
  • To maximize your delivery zone to reach as many customers as possible

And much more


The CRS retail system has tools made just for retailers. Our POS system is personalized to help you serve your customers better. There are tools for syncing an online store, counting stock using your phone, and more. You get the best POS retail system that allows:

  • Management of inventory so that you can make better decisions for your business
  • Reach your customers by selling in-store and online
  • Forge strong customer relationships so that they keep on coming back
  • Run your business smoothly using a single platform
  • Manage finances and take payments easily in-store or on the go

And much more

CRS is also an authorized Reflections POS Provider

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find out the POS system restaurant cost at CRS to benefit from:

  • An easy-to-use software that can grow with your business
  • Tableside ordering and payments, with digital receipts, to manage and grow your customer list
  • Real-time cloud-based reports accessibility
  • A beautifully design hardware that fits in well with the restaurant environment
  • Payment processing system that powers your restaurant with insights

Get access to the best online retail POS system by starting with our Free or Plus plan. Once you sign up to CRS retail system, you will automatically receive a 30-day free trial for Plus Plan. You can contact our sales team to get to know about and start the premium plan. Select what works best for you.

The mobile POS system for liquor stores facilitates taking orders and payments tableside or in-line on a handheld device. It is only available for Plus and Premium plan subscribers.

CRS offers ideal packages for new openings. Get in touch with our sales team to find the best package for your hotel restaurant.

The upfront costs for CRS are for hardware and implementation, which depend on your specific hardware packages and installation needs. You get flexible payment options and solutions that are not just for large restaurants but also those which have recently opened.